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Help build an organisation where infinite imagination is key.

At Trixie, you are not just another colleague, but you are part of the Trixie CROWD!

Inspired by the endless imagination of children, Trixie creates a world that stimulates imagination. In the workplace, too, our CROWD values allow you to develop yourself professionally in a working atmosphere where drive and ambition come to life.

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What do we offer?

An infinite playground of opportunities!

• infinite impact

Every CROWD member, with his/her contribution, is an important link in our growth story. Acting on our CROWD values, you can develop professionally and make your mark at work. You get a lot of freedom in your job and room for initiative, so you can fully contribute to building the Trixie brand. 

• infinite growth

A job at Trixie challenges you to make the best use of your talents and develop them further. Besides being entrepreneurs, we are also intrapreneurs: at Trixie, you are the entrepreneur of your own talents and career. Are you faced with new challenges in your job? Take them up and go for it. Doesn't work out the first time or is the outcome not as hoped? Can happen. This is a learning moment through which you continue to grow as a professional.

• infinite incentives

In addition to your salary, you will receive fringe benefits (meal and eco cheques, hospitalization insurance, ....) and fun extras (think Trixie goodies, end of year gift, ...). On top of the 20 statutory leave days, we offer 6 days of paid leave and the possibility of taking additional unpaid leave days. Working from home is also an option.  

Facts & Figures

CROWD members +40
Hometown De Pinte
Founded 2008
Local sales teams in Benelux, France, Germany, UK
Scope Worldwide

At Trixie, you're not just another colleague - you become a member of our Trixie CROWD! By this we don't just refer to our fun Trixie family, but also to our core values. These are very important to all of us.

With our brand, we want to convey creativity to children and their parents. That is why the circle occupies an important place in our logo: at Trixie, we each fill in the empty circles with our own unique imagination. We extend this to the work place. We want to stand out with our vision, strategy, products... This requires a creative mindset! Yet for us, it is not just about new ideas, but also about solutions. A CROWD member is not discouraged by problems, but thinks creatively about solutions.

An infinite playground. That is our ambition for the children of today and tomorrow. So we treat the planet and our fellow human beings (colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.) with respect. We act with integrity with a view to the future. We value every CROWD member for his/her talents and the work he/she does.

At Trixie, we pursue an open mindset and honest communication. Every CROWD member opens up to all possible suggestions and ideas. As a result, we learn from each other's experiences, ideas and suggestions. We dare to question what already exists in order to improve. We support each other by listening and giving open feedback in a respectful way.

A healthy work-life balance is important for sustainable performance and job happiness. If our CROWD members feel good both privately and in the workplace, they will be more productive, efficient and happy. We offer flexibility so that our CROWD members can organise themselves in such a way that they achieve results in the workplace as well as pursue their passions alongside it.

Drive and ambition are in the nature of our CROWD members. We are committed. We take responsibility. We want to be the best version of ourselves. We also encourage each other to grow, to share experiences and to try something new. As a growing company, we experience new challenges every day and we enjoy tackling them together.

What do our CROWD members say?

  • Jana

    Junior Content Creator

    The atmosphere on and off the work floor (#TrixieCROWD), the opportunity for professional and personal growth and the versatile job make Trixie THE ideal employer.

  • Siel

    Product & Category Manager

    No day is the same at Trixie! There are constantly new projects, which keeps me motivated and keeps the drive high.

  • Sascha

    Visual Brand Identity Manager

    At Trixie, there is room to develop yourself within your role and responsibilities. You literally grow with the company AND the brand, which is a very interesting learning experience!

  • Stefanie

    Digital Activation Manager

    There is a great Drive at Trixie. Every day is different and that challenges you in the job. I also work with nice and respectful colleagues. Together we go for the same goal!

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